About Us

ZDEX CCTV Co., Ltd (ZDEX) is the earlier manufacturer specializing in the design and manufacture of CNEX certified Explosion proof & Weatherproof Stainless Steel CCTV Camera Stations & Housings for use in Hazardous Areas at Marine, Offshore, Oil & Gas and Industrial locations.  Products include explosion-proof camera, Explosion-proof infrared camera, ex-proof PTZ, explosion-proof mounting bracket, explosion-proof camera housing, explosion-proof infrared lamp, explosion-proof decoder, explosion-proof high-speed dome, etc.

ZDEX CCTV has been awarded Quality Assurance Notification by China Quality Supervision Testing Center for Explosion—proof Electric Products(CQSTEX) is located at Nanyang Explosion+proof Research Institute for Electric, which is IEC(International Electrotechnical Commission) authorized experimental research institute in China. Under the requirements of the mechanical and electronic demand of China explosion proof GB3836-2000 and manufacturers of Equipment or Protective Systems for use in Potentially Explosive atmospheres. This certification attests that we have a Quality Management System in place which complies with the Directive for manufacturers of products for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Our quality processes are continuously improved through regular internal and external audits. Our products are manufactured and certified to the CNEX requirements for equipment using the Flameproof (EExd & Exd II) protection principles.

Our speciality and main business focus is the design and manufacture of CNEX certified Explosion proof & Weatherproof CCTV Camera stations and housings. Which could be widely used in the field of petroleum, chemical, dock, oil depots, ships, drilling platform, gas station, mine, port, aerospace, military, medicine industry, steel, production of fireworks and firecrackers, machinery, food processing and storage places and other similar explosive places.

 We export our products worldwide through established and internationally recognized distributors & system integrators as well as directly to buying houses and end users.

Due to our reliable products, fast responses, on time deliveries and cost effective pricing, our products are increasingly being used in security and surveillance projects in Asia, Middle East, South America, North America, Europe and other countries worldwide.

Our current customer focus is Law Enforcement, Military, and Critical Infrastructure companies: Nuclear Facilities, Airports, Railway, Electric Power & Light Companies, Prison & Detention Centers, Chemical Manufacturing, Oil Facilities / Pipelines, and Weapon Depots.

All we do is for Creating A Security Environment Of Industrial Production. We will continue to embrace new and emerging technology at ex-proof CCTV field to make our brand ZDEX to be the world‘s first class of ex-proof CCTV equipment.