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Dedicate In The Ex-proof CCTV Equipment

Professional Explosion-proof Monitoring Solution

Create A Security Environment Of Industrial Production

 Innovative And Pragmatic, Pursuit Of Outstanding, And Never Stop...

ZDEX and their customers
The customer is the core work of ZDEX! Which is the starting point and end point of all the work arrangements of the company! We supplly the most reliable ex-proof camera and professional ex-proof CCTV solution.
Follow the principles of integrity, quality, service, insist on providing customers with quality products, professional service and good after-sales service with our customers to establish long-term mutual trust, cooperation and win-win partnership, creating value for all customers!

ZDEX and their partners
Follow the principles of honesty, pragmatism, cooperation, win-win, sincere communication, integration of the company and suppliers resources, service our esteem customers, and ultimately achieve a win-win corperation!

ZDEX and their employees
Employees are our greatest wealth! The strength of the team is the company‘s core competitiveness!
Follow the "respect, steady, pragmatic, honest rules, to create harmony, cooperation, and the working atmosphere of learning and performance of the company‘s continued growth and the value of staff synchronization.
Respect of every employee‘s mind and ability! To help them to discover and develop their own strengths, and continue to help him (her) to strengthen its own advantages, in a dominant position in the career development and competition in the market!

ZDEX management
In strict accordance with the modern advanced management system, improve the company‘s business, financial, HR, contract management system, standardized operation, reasonable control of risks to ensure the long-term steady and healthy development.
ZDEX purpose
The pursuit of creativity and dynamic enterprise. All for the safety of the industrial production.  To be an enterprise with social responsibility , socially responsible corporate citizen!