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Product Name:Explosion-proof decorder
  Explosion-proof decorder Model: ZDBHD51

The explosion-proof junction box Scope: 1.1 and Zone 2 explosive gas atmospheres.

        20 Zone 21 and Zone 22 of combustible dust.

The explosion-proof junction box Features: 1. Cast aluminum alloy shell, surface coating, beautiful appearance. Explosion-proof series is made of glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester resin molding shell. Or stainless steel molding.

         Openings when simply bolts loosen 1/3, and then cover the clockwise rotation of 10 ° to open, can play the bolt is not lost, and the rapid opening the lid of the effect.

         Inlet and outlet have a variety of ways and specifications.

         Inlet and outlet thread can be specially made.

         Steel pipe or cable wiring.

       Explosion-proof junction box complies with GB3836-2000, IEC60079, GB12476.1-2000, IEC61241 standard requirements.

Product parameter:

Ex marking


Degree of protection


Protocol support

      PELCO-D PELCO-P...

 Power supply


 Communication interface


 Working temperature

      -30-+70 degree

 Sheathing material

      Stainless steel



 Atmosphere pressure


 Relative humidity


Screw thread

     G-1/2  * 8