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Product Name:Explosion-proof zooming camera
     ZDKB-Ex-ZM explosion-proof zooming camera is a type of high-end ex-proof monitoring equipment. It can be applied in the explosive gas atmosphere, like zone 1 and zone 2 withⅡA,ⅡB orⅡC, and in flammable dust environment, like zone 20,zone21 and zone22. It meets the standard of the mechanical and electronic demand of Chinaexplosion proof GB3836-2000. It is used in the environment of high-risk explosive gas and dusk or volatile and harsh, and other strong acid strong alkali.

    ZDKB-Ex-ZM ex-proof zoom camera has no wiper, but its window is made of nano glass which has a self- cleaning function.

ZDKB-Ex-ZM explosion-proof izooming camera is installed with a SONY 1/3 CCD camera with a high resolution and a function of automatical switching from color to black..

ZDKB-Ex-ZM explosion-proof camera can be widely used in the field of petroleum, chemical, dock, oil depots, ships, drilling platform, gas station, mine, port, aerospace, military, medicine, steel, production of fireworks and firecrackers, machinery, food processing and storage places and other similar places.

Product Parameter:

Ex-proof Mark
Degree of protection
Image sensor
           1/4   SONY Super  CCD
        480/540/650 SONY zooming camera

Minimum illumination

                    0.01 Lux
Lens                   4-81mm
Electric connect
         Composite cable(optional)
Power supply
Ambient temperature
Working temperature
               -30 ~ +70
Sheathing material
               Stainless steel
External dimensions
Internal dimensions
Atmosphere pressure
Relative humidity
Screw thread
                G-1/2   * 2