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Product Name:Coal mine explosion-proof camera
Product Name:Coal mine explosion-proof camera

KBA coal mine explosion-proof camera is a high-technology-in-one integrated device which consists of integrated explosion proof video camera,  explosion proof network transmitter, or mine explosion proof optical transmitter.

KBA mining explosion-proof camera is full stainless steel enclosure, fixed Sony color to black camera inside,  and a 30-meter cold light as a supplementary light source , which make the device more suitable for the dark mine environment.

KBA has H.264 network module and optical output module fixed in side. It can be connected to switch, local area network and internet on ground to see the image view through a variety of ways. It is highly adaptive front-end surveillance camera equipment for mining.

KBA has single-channel and single-mode optical transmitter, so it can directly transfer all signals to specified receiver through the optical fiber.

Product Parameter:

Ex-proof Mark
                                Exd  I               
Degree of protection
Image sensor
                  1/3   SONY Super  CCD

Minimum illumination

                            0.001 Lux
Lens                4/6/8/12/16/25mm(optional)
Electric connect
          Composite cable optical fibre (optional)
Power supply
       IN AC86V~AC265V,OUT DC12V1.2A
Ambient temperature
Working temperature
                       -30 ~ +70
Sheathing material
                       Stainless steel
External dimensions
Internal dimensions
Atmosphere pressure
Relative humidity
Screw thread
                           G-1/2   * 2